Is it Christmas..?

by zeb 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • zeb

    Achtung! rant ahead...

    ....and all the usual anti-christmas spiel that jw are habit to indulge in?

    or all the "have a nice Christmas" from people you meet when out and about..?

    or is there some pressing message that has been driving the 'nails in deeper' from the platform of late..?

    or is it all the above funneled through the gossipy sisters with their pressure to 'get him (me) along'..?

    The griping is along the line of,

    • to get a new small car.
    • re-cladding the house.
    • renovate the spare room
    • we never seem to invite people in...!!!!!!

    and on some occasions it seems all of the above.

    (and the $ will come from....)

    Because my wife has displayed greater moodiness and teenage poutiness than in along time.

    Jeez it gives me the shits! But jehovahs witnesses are the happiest of people arent they...

    Rant over.

    Have a safe and wonderful 2019 dear ones. Live long and prosper in wisdom and health..

  • tiki

    Hang in there my friend....prioritize the projects/expenses.....sit down and peaceably discuss options and financial realities....then make a plan. And stick to it!!!

    Female moodiness....ensure all is well bodily...hormonally....give lots of hugs and I love yous!!! Peace to you !! 😌

  • smiddy3

    I think tiki has summed it up well zeb and rants are good now and again for the relieving of stress .

    Take care buddy and I hope everything settles down and you are at peace with each other .

    In a couple of days time it will be a New Year and hopefully your family will be in a much better frame of mind all round.

    If you know what I mean .

    Cheers buddy.

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