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  • Beans

    This is classic, first they come up with many ideas on how to get 666 then at the end they say it is all wrong!


    *** Awake! November 22, 1966 ***

    [Note: not available on 1993/1995/1999 CD-ROM]

    There is no place in the Bible that encourages one to try to link the letters of certain words with mystical numbers in order to uncover mystical truths. Such a practice originates, not with the Bible, but in ancient Babylon.

    [Emphasis Added]

    Editors Note: Using this same 6+6+6 formula:
    Charles Taze Russell
    1234561 2345 6123456 = 666]

    Brother Quotes could not resist a comment here!


  • jwsons

    I saw a box at the back of every KingDumb Hall with three letter "www" Is it World Wide Web or simply means 666 in Hebrew alphabet ? I know it is a "donation" or "contribution" box. By the way please tell Quotes click here


  • Beans

    Thanks for the link jwsons!

  • ignorance is strength
    ignorance is strength

    666 when put through Hebrew cryptography spells NERO. Remember much of revelation has been fulfilled i.e. babylon the great (ie ROME) fell when that emperor converted and we are now living in the 1000 years of Christ reigning through his Church in Rome. (such was the belief of augustine)

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