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    Darth FayDehr

    If saying sorry is important to you, then you may want to encourage the act of apologizing using Twitter. Tweet about how you feel regarding refusal to apologize to child abuse victims/survivors. Please keep the tweet respectful. Do not use or promote hate or abusive speech.

    hashtags to use on Twitter:

    (Hashtag) NationalApology @ScottMorrisonMP

    (Hashtag) WatchtowerNotSorry

    (hashtag) JehovahsNameReproached

    Wouldn't it be great if everyone who was able Tweeted this?

    To coincide with the announcement being made by Prime Minister of Australia, here is the exact time in various world cities; please Tweet as close to this time as possible:

    • Melboune, Australia: Mon 22 Oct, 10:00

    • New York, USA: Sun 21 Oct, 19:00

    • Los Angeles, USA: Sun 21 Oct, 16:00

    • London, UK: Mon 22 Oct, 00:00 (Sunday at Midnight!)

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands: Mon 22 Oct, 01:00

    • Toronto, Canada: Sun 21 Oct, 19:00

    • New Zealand: Mon 22 Oct, 12:00

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