June 2017 program - beards/mixed messages

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Nothing big here, just a couple small observations:

    On this month's program at about the 43 minute mark, after bragging about giving a little medical help to JWs in Africa, they make them 'pay' for their services by offering onscreen testimonials thanking the organization. One of them is an elderly man who I think got hearing aids or something (I forget) and said that now he can hear the meetings better. Anyway the point is he's all dressed up in meeting clothes, but also has a goatee, something I'd never seen in a JW approved publication before.

    Cut to another segment shortly thereafter, and we see the experience of a man who returned to the JWs and was making changes in his life. He says, 'My beard became a goatee, and then the goatee gradually became a mustache', indicating this is the maximum allowed facial hair.

  • sir82

    I am shocked, shocked, to learn that Watchtower talks out of both sides of its mouth.

  • WTWizard

    How the heaven can anyone observe anything when these videos have such lousy quality? Every time I try watching a washtowel video, it keeps cutting out. All I get is blocking on the video and intermittent cutting out on the audio. And that was even before Spectrum started throttling my Internet connection--even when Time Warner had my Internet connection, even at 4 in the morning, the server was so lousy that it's a wonder I got anything out of these videos.

    Not to mention the even lousier program. Everything is about those boasting sessions, helping to serve joke-hova better, more hardship, more of what you do not want. If these videos did ever come in high quality enough to play steadily (without blocking up and freezing on the audio), it would be a damnation working that I would rather not waste the electricity on.

  • NikL

    I watched it last nigh with my still in wife.

    No buffering on my system. We use Roku.

    I noticed the thing about the beards too. There was also mention about making sacrifices to the organization. Not to Jehovah but to the O! I thought that was really weird.

    Also, was Jesus even mentioned during this broadcast? Cuz, looking back I can't remember it.

    How can you be a Christian and NOT mention Christ? It seems like they are really trying to go out of their way to distance themselves from our savior.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Amen to that, NikL. All of their other sins stem from this: placing themselves in the position of God and Christ.

    Jesus said he was the truth, they say JWs are The Truthâ„¢.

    Peter said of Jesus 'Whom shall we go away to', they say of The Organizationâ„¢ 'Where' shall we go away to.

    From there on out almost any abuse can be justified.

  • neat blue dog
  • UnshackleTheChains

    Jesus is often only mentioned as a side point....such as the ransom etc. It's remarkable how little they talk about the foretold Messiah, the king of kings.

    The literature constantly refers to the inaccurate name of God (Jehovah); the FDS or the organisation (aka WTB&TS).

  • tepidpoultry

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