Satan exists only in the minds of people

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  • venus

    Scripture writers knew that Satan had to be created as part of a game. Just like hero needs a villain, police needs crooks, politicians need masses, day needs night … God needs Satan, hence they created a Satan with human thinking—for example:

    1) Satan thinks shape of earth is flat (because he believes that he can see the whole world if he climbs a “high mountain.” (Luke 4:5)

    2) Satan credulously believes that if he raises an issue regarding a devotee’s integrity God would also come down to his level trying to prove His side (Job 1:9-12) [in reality this never happens—if my adversary tells me “my best friend loves me because of selfish reason, I would only let that accusation pass unheeded”]

    3) Satan credulously believes that God would tell His children: “Do not do anything” [do not eat from the tree of good and bad would mean man is prohibited to do anything “good or bad” because any action would fall into the category of good or bad] and makes the mistake of repeating it saying: ‘If you eat of this tree of good and bad (if you do not do anything), you will become like God.’ (Genesis 2:16, 17; 3:1-5) Here Satan never thinks that God may say “do good and avoid bad” but will never say “avoid good and bad.”

  • ttdtt

    Well in fairness - since they came up with a fictitious God, they did need the Villan too, or there would be no story.

    Kinda like Luke and Darth Vader - Rocky and Drago - Harry and Voldemort - Dorothy and the Wicked Witch...


  • venus


    When we apply this logic, many accounts in the Bible lose its steam. For example, can a father exalt one child over others, or one nation over others? Can a nation that experienced a great miraculous escape soon turn into calf worship telling a single calf idol: ‘You are our gods, who brought us up out of Egypt’? (Exodus 32:4) Can a nation that experienced millions of miracles from Jesus soon turn to be so mad as to demand “Kill Jesus, and release for us Barabbas!” which would bring them no benefit at all? (Luke 23:18)

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