"Make America hate again"

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  • MarkofCane

    “Trump is predicting he’ll be able to do all these things, but his workload will be pretty enormous and his power would be so limited by precedent, by the bureaucracy, by the Constitution,” said Robert Dallek, a presidential historian. “Even in trade and immigration, where Trump says he will make revolutionary changes, Congress has a say on those things. A lot of people have a say. The president is not king.”

    He can make all the promises he wants but realistically the president just doesn't have that type of power. Trump won the republican nomination, but now can he win in the general election?

  • Terry

    What we will see in the coming battle for the Presidency is nothing less than a mini-revolution and a great deal of pus and blood oozing from the body politic. I really don't won't to hear about what is BAD about either of them. I want to hear ideas and strategies. I won't vote for either of them because I don't want to be responsibile for what happens when one of them gets elected.

    Neither of these people should be running anything affecting the lives of millions of folks in this country or, by extension, around the planet.

    I've been alive 69 years and I've seen Presidents come and go. I've heard the promises of candidates and the attacks of their enemies. I was born during Harry Truman's Presidency and saw Dwight Eisenhower at the convention against Adlai Stevenson.
    I watched the debate between Nixon and Kennedy and heard Johnson refuse to run for another term. I heard the "end of the world" predictions about Barry Goldwater and what was probably the very first smear campaign of fear and character assassination.

    Everybody has really nasty things to say about both Trump and Clinton. The level of nastiness is really unhealthy and unfortunate. But there are deep, profound problems with our political system and a day of reckoning is about to be had.

    Whichever way it goes--it won't be a good outcome, but the ship of state will sail on, barnacles and all.
    This isn't the end of the world. Greece's crisis was supposed to be that. It wasn't.
    Whether the U.K. will remain in the European Union or whether North Korea will build a long range missle, or whether Vlad Putin will shoot down a U.S. aircraft---the end of the world is a long, long way off.

    This is nothing compared to the E.L.E. of the day of the dinosaur:)

  • sparrowdown

    Trump is only there to make Hillary look like a safer option.

    Hillary is only there to make Obama seem "not so bad after all."

    This will be an election of relativism.

  • kaik

    I do not put much into the idea of one American president to run the show similarly as it happened in some totalitarian countries around the world. While there is no denial that some people envision having their favorite choice to have this power to squash opponents, it is unrealistic within the political system of USA that survived such crisis like the Civil War and the Great Depression. What is more worrying is the trend, where the American society is heading, which has far more reaching legacy and lasting impact. Trump's big mistake could be destruction of the NATO and USA military standing which itself is worn out by GWB war legacy. Americans after they broke off alliance with France in 1800 until 1942 refused to be part of any, and lived in delusion of isolation until the WWII. Trump is feeding on the same isolationist delusion of the long lost past.

    The decline of the USA is already in the second decade of making. Today I saw a chart that plotted car sales in USA since 1951, and we sell 40% less cars than it had in the peaks 30 years ago and less than it was in 1951 when USA had the half of the current population. This only showing a decline of the purchasing power of the American consumers. After inflation, USA incomes are in the 1990's level. Therefore, if anything, the US policy after any election would have to undergo through economic restructuring and reformation while at the same time addressing a needs of Gen Y which is the biggest demographic in the country and its voice was neglected by shrinking Boomer population. I do not see any of the candidate have any ideas what to do, and I frankly do not think that Hillary or Trump even care.

  • MarkofCane

    I think the showdown will be fun to watch. Trump has no filters, who know what he will spout off, he last said 'Ted Cruz father was involved in the assassination of JFK'. Destroyed any shred of decency the man had left. Called him Lying Ted, got to admit found myself saying...."Hey its lying Ted" when I seen him on TV.

    Donald knows how to dismantle a persons character, the apprentice gave him a huge advantage on getting his name out there and how to win. He displays the same temperament as Amerosa in the board room. It will be entertaining for sure.

    But after all is said and done the president is merely a reflection of the American people a puppet if you will, with no real power. The power for him is being on a world stage, having every word spoken transmitted around the world. That's his ultimate show, he should make Mark Burnett his VP.

    The ultimate Reality show on a world scale "Make America hate again" on every network.

  • betterdaze
  • MarkofCane
    That's Huuuuuge betterdaze.
  • kairos

    <reality TV plot twist>

    Trump builds wall with HIS OWN money!

    Creates a zillion jobs...

  • Vidiot

    One of the funnier things I've heard recently is that if Trump's elected, we Canadians will probably want to build a wall on the US/Canada border, and what's more, we'll happily pay for it. :smirk:

  • Phizzy
    I think you Yanks should stop selling prepared cheeses, and make America grate again.

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