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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    it seems the media heavily underline the dark side in everything. Yes there are really bad problems in the world and they need to be addressed. But we also need to keep on the positive. For example whilst I dislike the power of the multi media ( advertising) I also appreciate the benifits of multi media power and its technology. So whilst I personally feel science and technology has cut of human feelings, I also appreciate medical science has been a great benifit and my lifespan extended because of it.

    Now as for advertising personally I feel it has created artificial expectations of men and women to sell its products, but provided it doesn't put false slogans with the advertisements, I can live with it. Anyway I guess our entertainment industry has always given us beautiful images of men and women and it does so because that's what we want to see. So why focus on the dark and say such images of human beings dehumatize the average person and make us feel inferior?

    So do you also feel the news people and politically correct groups focus too much on the dark side of everything? Remember it's just our opinion posted under " friends" and other view points are equally respected.

  • Ozman

    Hi Rebel. It's nice to hear that point of view about the world. I agree that although there are some negative things going on , there is so much to be grateful for. It is an amazing time in history to be alive. Focusing on the positive & eliminating the negative, brings 'light' into life. There is no darkness in light. Thanks for putting your comments up. Your message needs more exposure!

  • rebelfighter

    I gave up on trusting the news media for reporting the news well over 30 years ago when I personally knew the facts of an incident that involved the United States Park Police and a group of protesters. The news media took to the protesters side and said how wrong the officers were in their actions. Many officers were injured that day (personal friends) with objects these protesters claimed they just grabbed that were just laying around and that is plain bull crap. Yes and when it went to trial the protesters did some serious time behind bars, now did the news media come back and report this h... NO. No they are out there to make MONEY what makes money juicy news reporting.

    As for advertising much prefer friends recommendations and personal research of the products.

  • shepherdless
    So do you also feel the news people and politically correct groups focus too much on the dark side of everything?

    The main problem is that most "good news" stories are not newsworthy stories. Some simple examples:

    - The decrease and eventually eradication of the recent Ebola epidemic in West Africa was virtually unreported.

    - Globally, Polio is at the lowest levels ever recorded. In fact, there has not been a single case reported in any of the last 4 weekly updates. But there has not been a single mention in any media, that I am aware of.

    - Terrorism in Pakistan; yes one recent tragedy, but the last year, it has been pretty quiet. (Incredibly quiet by the standards of the last decade.)

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    I agree we live in a time of greater peace then ever before. We have less wars and generally more human rights.

  • galaxie

    Accentuate the positive..with the immediacy of world media news and real time video it stands to reason the concentration in negativity has a bearing on attitude....In who's hands lies the responsibility to promote the positive aspects and deeds of Human nature which undoubtedly abounds...good post rebel

  • Xanthippe

    Not just the news media although I agree they are very negative. Advertisers like to terrify us saying things like there are more germs on our vegetable chopping board than on our toilet seat.

    No sooner did scientists get us to lower our laundry temperature to 30 degrees for the sake of the environment than advertisers were telling us our laundry may look clean but it could be full of germs washed at lower temperatures and trying to sell us anti-bacterial for our laundry!

    We are made to feel ashamed of our cell phones, TVs, cars, tablets, homes, furniture if they are not the latest and best. The negativity is endless. Don't get me started on Xmas advertising, your whole house is rubbish and everything needs replacing before you can invite friends and relatives in for a meal and socialising.

    The media are shameless trying to benefit from other's misery. Interviewing grieving people in war zones and dragging every bit of sadness from them. The world is so much better than it used to be. Often news stories are dropped immediately as soon as things improve. You often find yourself thinking what happened about that news item a week ago but the media have lost interest if a problem has a positive ending.

  • Vidiot

    There's no news like bad news.

    Since - statistically - human civilization has actually gotten to the point where the positives in the world actually outnumber the negatives (be a significant margin), I'm starting to suspect that more and more of the media are just making bad shit up, simply because it's getter harder and harder to find.

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