Heil Trump. Sieg Heil.

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  • FayeDunaway
    This is a page late but.....
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I wonder if the 17 or so down-voters on Trump critics even post on this thread.
  • Simon

    I think they register accounts *just* to dislike - very sad. They don't have much to really add otherwise.

    I'll do a clear out so votes reflect actual members, not obsessive pricks.

  • zeb

    I understand and I am happy to be corrected that there are several levels of security 'above' the US President.


  • Finkelstein

    Trump ..... "Every captured person that the ISIL terrorists beheads, we in turn should behead a Muslim living here.

    That's called Tit for Tat , It would show that we're just as strong and determine of an enemy as they are..

    I would even suggest we use are own Muslim President Barack Obama first. "

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    Trump ..... "Every captured person that the ISIL terrorists beheads, we in turn should behead a Muslim living here.

    Good, ISIS needs more martyrs.

  • ttdtt

    Amazing how Tough and Militaristic and Aggressive Trump is when it comes to war - funny coming from a man who never served in the military nor has served anyone except himself (excluding all the divorce papers he has served his wives).

    Maybe he will encourage his sons and grand kids to join the Army so they can become great patriots like he is?

    He is a loudmouth bully - and by my experience all bullies are cowards.

  • smiddy

    I am an Australian not an American and we have a compulsory voting system here.

    I believe you do not have compulsory voting in the USA .

    Everything about the USA`s Nations policy`s whether it be internal , external ,Domestic , Foreign Affairs , or whatever else , surely is in the interest of the average citizen .

    People who don`t vote can`t complain about the government that has been elected can they.?

    In a compulsory voting system such as here in Australia , if persons are so disenchanted with the candidates and they do not want to vote for anybody , they can void their voting ballot.

    and it becomes an informal vote. not recorded.for any person or party .

    I would advocate for compulsory voting in America if I had the opportunity , it would afford many more people to have their say and at the same time if they were so intense of not voting they just put in an informal vote .

    I did it all the time when I was a witness , I just put Jehovah`s Kingdom under Jesus Christ., for many years


  • sir82

    For the record:

    No, I don't think all of Trumps supporters are stupid, racist, or bigoted.

    But, I do think there are 10's of millions of stupid, racist, and bigoted people in the USA, and virtually all of them are on the Trump bandwagon.

  • done4good

    OMG, you guys! "Idiots in the White House", "Dog whistle politics", "emotional appeals", what are you smoking? That somes up the campaign strategy of EVERY politician....EVER!!!

    Oversimplification of the root cause of the nation's problems is what politicians do when they want votes. Politicians understand they need to appeal to the average person, (meaning average intelligence, education, etc.), and not necessarily the ones that can actually grasp the true and much more complex reasons for why we see some of the systemic problems we see. The easiest path to this usually is an appeal to fear. Blame the immigrants, blame an entire region of the world, etc. Hint: Illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism are not the root cause of anything. They are symptoms of a much more complex socio-economic and socio-political system that took decades to evolve. No president of any nation is going to undo that in fours years, much less through undiplomatic, impractical, Neanderthal means. There is a reason why Trump hosted a reality show, the audience he appealed to there are pretty much the same audience he is appealing to in the political arena. Very average people that are not likely to think through problems. A few of these people just actually might be a bit bigoted, because guess what, bigotry's roots lie in fear. This is the particular dog whistle frequency that Trump is playing, (pitched down just enough to be heard by a broader audience than the GOP typically appeal to).

    The GOP is concerned about Trump, not primarily because they believe they will lose to him, (although that is looking probable at this point), rather more because they believe they will lose the party to him. It is correct the GOP have used the dog whistle a very long time. Trump is actually blowing their cover. That is not good news for the GOP moving forward beyond 2016, (regardless of the immediate outcome), as they have been unmasked as the backwards thinking, anti-science, anti-reason, group that they have long since become. The same people voting for Trump were former Tea Partiers, and Gingrich neocons before that. Trump is just the latest manifestation, (and his candidacy a symptom of itself), of a group of a fearful and mostly lazy people that would rather not bother to take to the time to correct the problems by looking at the big picture first.

    In terms of the economic disparity we see, until the plutocracy we have in this country and abroad is brought under control, through reversal of Citizen's United, sensible tax policy, a better educated electorate, better public schools, etc., no meaningful changes are going to made. There are no short cuts, folks.


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