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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    anyone try to disquise their intellect,??? a lot of us have certain pet phrases, sayings, and opinions. If you know me you could pick them out. I try to not spell extra well, use good puncuation, correct errors. I make enough mistakes anyway. sometimes I wonder about the breathless no spaces no paragraphs posts. they are hard to read and understand

    it would be nice to be able to actually talk about dashed hopes, questions, failing to really be the religion we invested our lives in, but we can't because of many reasons

  • hoser

    Pepper your comments with false details of your personal life. It throws of the hounds.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    anyone try to disquise their intellect,??? a lot of us have certain pet phrases, sayings, and opinions. If you know me you could pick them out.

    If I'm understanding your comment correctly I'd say you need to relax....I'm guessing you're not as unique or as recognizable as you may think you are.

  • steve2

    So, if I'm understanding you correctly, even though you post under a pseudonym, and no one knows where you're from or who you are, you still feel worried that someone might recognize you because a certain pet phrase or two could seep through your posts. Have I got that right?

    If I have, the odds of someone who knows you reading your posts are pretty damn microscopic. And even if someone who knows you reads your posts, how will they know its you - not unless you provide names, places and unique identifiers? And even if some unusually perceptive reader recognizes your unique grammatical style and calls you out, remember you are not obliged to say, "You're right! It's me!"

    You do sound a tad paranoid and I suspect, very young.

    In answer to your question about whether anyone here's tried to disguise their intellect, not me. I'm the opposite. I have a vested interest in appearing smarter than I probably am. Although I feel in pretty good company - if you know what I mean.

  • smiddy

    road to nowhere ,I think your being a little bit paranoid but thats understandable seeing you are new here.

    Most of us here have been paranoid ,suspicious ,and shit scared of even being on this site lest we are exposed and dragged up before a JC.when we first started to post here .

    Believe me its all in our heads due to the indoctrination over the years we have been put through.

    It actually took me a few years before I was absolutely comfortable in posting here and on other sites.

    The JW organisation is not MI6 or the KGB or ASIO , so dont worry they neither have the resources or the willpower to monitor everybody who are leaving the organisation nowadays .

    The only way they have to curb the exodus is at congregation meetings and assemblys or Conventions warning of Apostacy .thats all.

    And remember ex JW`s on here are from all over the world do you honestly think they have the capacity or willpower to monitor all of us including the multitude of other ex JW sites ?.......No way.

    And welcome to the forum

  • Chook

    If Australian elders go on a apostate hunt I've given enough clues to work my identity. Religious zealots always smell blood it's a part of their divine mission . Roadtonowhere they don't represent god your fears are imaginary. Stand up for truth .

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