JW interview about cart work (English video)

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  • Gorbatchov
  • Fairlane

    They ( the jws) are closely adhering to the biblical instruction and example of 1st cent' Christians and jesus teaching to ...stand chatting amongst themselves,and not to approach people,but to hope the people will be interested enough to avail themselves of the jw.org method by which they too may be privileged enough to stand in the street not approaching people. A fine 1st century example indeed.

  • smiddy

    Of course he`s a window cleaner what else would he be ? a rocket scientist ? A brain surgeon ?

    or just a gullble shmuck like the rest of us who converted to this religion.

  • darkspilver

    Hey Gorbatchov!

    Cool, thanks for posting this - I did wonder if anybody would....

    because of the (ex)-JW subtext

    spoiler at bottom of post, if you need a hint

    before that - here's the bigger picture/s:


    JW subtext: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Send_to_Coventry

  • alanv

    What a joke they are these days, just standing or sitting around looking at their phones and deep in conversation with each other. How anyone in their right mind can call this preaching totally beats me.

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