The "Messiah"

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I will appreciate corrections and criticisms of my draft notes on the subject of "Messiah".

    It will not surprise anyone that the material is not simplistic nor emotive.



  • Phizzy

    I look forward to reading the Work when it is complete.

    A couple of things particularly interest me, one is that the Qumran community expected two "Messiahs", and I think two are hinted at in the Canonical Book of Daniel ?? If one is the High Priest of around Daniels time of writing, 164 BCE, is the other future ?

    The other point of interest is that Chrystos is a proper name in the 1st Century, so, is the Chrystos mentioned in Josephus therefore without doubt Jesus of Nazareth, or could he be some other person ?

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