Help denied visiting my gradchildren in jw brothers custody

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  • Phoenixrain

    I regret trusting my JW brother ...long story short my daughter trusted him and gave custody to him of 2 children, he married and cut us out .. moved ect . Sents then he moved in with dad in Arizona he has faded... sis in law became caregiver... cared to stress him on a daily bases... i got to see the kids once... in over 10 years. Sis in law is a cold mean devious person got my brother to shunning dad now... because he complaint about her abusive actions ....

    I need help i live in California and will fight for visitation or custody.. Im on SSI and cant afford a lawyer.... I need case law ect. I have 2 syblings in my custody ... any advice or help please contact me ... im going to be in Tucson alot...

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    Thank you

  • flipper

    You need to call a hotline in order to get some free legal advice or check the internet for attorneys that take cases pro bono perhaps. I don't know exactly how the laws differ from California to Arizona- but you have my empathy for the sad situation you are facing. I have some JW relatives who I find it difficult to trust as well. I do know how hard THAT is. Hang in there and I wish the best of luck to you in your situation

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    You may want to look at

    This link will take you to the official court system in California. They do have a page of general information on Grandparents Visitation rights. Of course that is just general information and only an attorney can give you legal advice on your specific case.

    Some questions you may want to ask your attorney: Does it matter which state you file your petition in? (it could be California since you live there, Arizona since the children live there or if the children lived in a different state prior to the adoption it maybe that state). How are you supposed to show to the court that you had a pre-existing relationship with the children?

  • steve2

    That's quite a pickle, huh? I agree with RO: you definitely need legal advice. All we can offer are empathy and opinions. One possible hurdle is the amount of time that has elapsed since custody issues were established.

  • Fisherman

    I need case law ect. I have 2 syblings in my custody ... any advice or help please contact me

    He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client. With that said, in the US, child custody is slanted towards the mother. And in a broken home the child is the ward of the state. A non custodial parent or relative of a child may succeed in getting a visitation order -but- getting a judge to enforce a visitation order is another matter; what are they going to do, put the custodial parent in jail? Do you want to cut off your nose to spite your face? In many states you cannot call the police and have the police enforce the order because the police cannot enforce visitation. If you want to file a petition for custody or visitation, you need to go to the local court for help but the best thing to do is to retain a decent lawyer. Or better yet you can reach an agreement with the custodial parent without having to go to court.

  • Gokumonkey

    Whatever you do dont have an agreement with go thur the court system. Dont make the mistake and one day they decided to break that agreement. At least with legal documents you can make moves

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