The Catholic Church and the Scandal of sexual abuse

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  • TexWiller

    Hello everyone,

    my dear friend MacHislopp gas passed me this information

    taken from the well noted Italian newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera “

    only 24 hours ago.

    Just the main Title and the link for the complete article article.

    Benedict XVI: The Church and the Scandal of sexual abuse

    This is the long article that the Pope emeritus, Benedict XVI, wrote in the form of notes on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. It is a thorough and merciless analysis of how this crime was born and spread even in the ecclesiastical world. A crime which is the child of a «moral collapse», and always so difficult to fight. Joseph Ratzinger’s reflection covers half a century of history, and will be published by the German monthly Klerusblatt. Corriere della Sera offers to its readers the exclusive text for Italy.

    His question was :

    When the Society's Governing Body or someone for them will

    render public the scandal of “sexual abuse” within the organization ?

    (USA, Canada, Belgium, Danemark, Australia, Spain, New Zealands,

    Mexico etc. etc.)

    Greetings to all


    Link to the article:

  • wannaexit

    Thanks for the link and regards to MacHislopp I always read his posts.

  • mikeflood

    Have you guys ever think that the treatment of the Catholic Church and the sexual abuse by the governments is more or less like the so called 'attack on Babylon the Great'?.

    I mean, this dance of millions is gonna end with this guys 'devastated and naked', bankrupt. They should pay for their sins of course, but this is not gonna end well for religion, including the Borg.

    Maybe this is the reason why in Revelation, kings wept for Babylon's demise.

  • careful


    Your idea may be the GB's latest thinking. The turning of the wild beast (governments) on Babylon the Great (false religion) is taking place now over the child sexual abuse issue. Then when the governments finally turn their full attention on moving against the org (maybe by arresting the GB?), Jehovah, Jesus, and the angels will intervene and save them. It might help explain their "bunker video" and similar depictions in other videos and artwork. Who knows how these guys think, especially when it comes to interpreting prophecy in advance? But if one looks at the batting average they have doing that in the past, they wouldn't even make the minor leagues.

    Their statements in the publications about prophecy best being understood after it has been fulfilled, clearly out of harmony with their trying to do the opposite, namely, trying to figure it out in advance, has never struck them as grossly contradictory. They do such conflicting things pretty regularly.

    As for Benedict's strange article, some experts are saying that it's a quiet move by the retired pope against Pope Francis. Who knows? These religious leaders, the GB or the RC hierarchy, have never been big on transparency, and there has been long history of intrigue in both camps.

    Thanks TexWiller, for the post.

  • stillin

    The "attack" on Babylon the Great by the Wild Beast beginning with the child abuse debacle will be a way that the governments can gain the "high moral ground" over the religions and gather support from the general public. It falls into the same category as that old "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" thing.

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