Oz starting to shut down

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  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Australia has closed gyms, churches, restaurants, pubs (oh no), beaches. Most state borders are now closed.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    So much for not traveling to southern hemisphere

    State borders too?

  • WTWizard

    The one good thing about this is the churches (and Coronavirus Halls) closing down. While it would be nice to be able to eat out or enjoy a show from time to time (or an amusement park), church is a total waste of time and money. I have been getting "fun items", including Nintendo 3DS video games and the like, since I believe the effects of doing without fun is worse than any damage these items might do. (This includes items like comfort foods--I think that, while sugar and other additives can do some damage to your health, the effects of austerity is even worse). This is going to hurt people if they can't go to entertainment venues, let alone killing the economy and paving the way for global communism (I think that is a bigger threat than the disease).

    But, church is no good. It is not entertainment. It is nothing more than self-inflicted communism. We are going to have mandatory communism soon enough, and I see no need to inflict it on myself any sooner. Also, I believe the harm caused by these three religious programs (and communism itself) far exceeds any good they might do. And that goes double for jokehovianism, since they waste all your time. It is a communist program, which is the worst "pandemic" possible.

    I hope the churches (including the jokehovian Coronavirus Halls) remain shuttered forever while entertainment venues get back to normal. (Bars included, but since drink driving is so dangerous, I do not advocate going to bars, getting drunk, and then driving home). People need fun, but they do not need those communism emulators (or the real thing, either).

  • smiddy3

    Yep state borders are also closed and as P.M.Sco-mo said if you had planned a holiday in another state ? cancel it now as the borders will be closed.

    Thankfully the bottle shops are still open jj

  • Jeffro


    The one good thing about this is the churches (and Coronavirus Halls) closing down.

    How long before the Watch Tower Society says that the World Health Organisation indirectly 'closing churches' is the UN's 'attack on false religion'? 🤣

  • Tantalon

    Yes Smiddy, thank Zeus the liqour stores are classed as essential services!! Now we just hope that all the idiots stay home and stop running around without any social conscience.Can't believe the amount of deniers out there. Still will be a very hard ride for many many people, economically if not healthwise.

    Edit; so far cafes and restaurants limited to take out only, may save some businesses for a while at least.

  • 2+2=5
    Yes Smiddy, thank Zeus the liqour stores are classed as essential services!!

    Yep, and cannabis still impossible to access even for the sick.

    What a shit circus of a world we live in

  • millie210

    I wish the states in the US would close their borders to non-essentials.

    Instead, we have college kids flooding down south for spring break from college and then they will disperse from that state to wherever in the US they want to go.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The big western states are lines on a map. There is no geographic, economic, or social attachments. The ( usually wrong) impression is that the smaller states have an identity enforced by a real boundary; river, mountains, lake. That is why I was amazed at the WT expecting people to travel 500 miles for a CA. Just because NJ, Brooklyn, and Connecticut are close doesnt mean anything

  • smiddy3

    millie210 ,sadly the young think they are invincible and if they do get they will shake it off because they are fit and young .? How wrong they are ,the young can die just as easily as anybody else.

    Your right the powers that be should stop all unnecessary travel from anywhere to anywhere ,its ridiculous to allow such movement around with this active virus .

    The sad truth is more people will be infected and more people are going to die needlessly .

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