Knock at the door to share a thought about those that could possibly have passed on

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  • kepler

    Morning visit by two pioneers who wanted to tell me about promise of bodily eternal life in Revelations and then a quick cross reference to Psalms. I asked about the Great Leap between two texts, but all they could explain was that the two were written before and after the life of Christ. That was certainly not telling me anything I didn't already know, as I pointed out, and not a reason to call me away from my chores. I found myself becoming quickly annoyed but only figured out why after they had left. Since they were searching to see if I had lost anyone and was in mourning, my subconscious had already connected the fact that any textual consolation they offered would not apply to those already lost (e.g., my deceased parents who had nothing to do with the Org - I don't see how they were offering any hope of resurrection for them - only condemnation to be revealed after fruitless further study). So when I asked why they leaped from one verse to the next, they said that it was all connected. How did they know? Because it was all inspired by God. Was that not circular reasoning, I asked. "Why, yes." the elder of the two conceded. And do you not "interpret" this text by such connections and skips? They could see I was annoyed and duly noted. In other words as far as they were concerned, I was rude. I said that I was feeling fine until they had arrived and had not invited them, especially since I was about to chauffer someone to their job and could not provide any illumination to their verses. They left in a huff.

  • DesirousOfChange

    How could you be so rude to such nice folks that take the time out of their busy schedule in life to drop in unannounced at an inconvenient time when their only interest is to gain salvation FOR YOU?


    [Satire Alert]

  • kepler


    Considering that there is a contemporaneous thread about how people who are mourning losses of family members are considered targets for these visits, I am vexed with myself for not pointing that out at that time. Years ago, I had taken some instruction due to a member of my family deciding to return to their JW roots. The study text was "What the Bible Really Teaches". That too seemed to emphasize early on the sadness of death and how a stop was going to be put to it. But the argument there too was flawed. If the matter is my making a choice for this faith, but the fate of those surrounding me depends on the same thing, then those that have already passed cannot be changed.

    So, in effect ( to my unschooled mind anyway) the entry point about those who have been lost is a bait and switch. And what will follow will be a hop scotch through Bible passages with a skewed perspective, followed by an eternity of wandering among door knockers and door bells with similar, prepared entrapping texts.

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