hi do you live in the uk and would you like to help people at no cost to yourself

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    EVERYCLICK.COM is a british search engine and so that people use it rather than all the others it donates half the profits of each search to charity and keeps half for the company.Since 2205 and with only 300,000 people using it has raised overĀ£6.5 million pounds for charity and the same for the company.For more info have a look in all these charitys websites wwf uk diabetes uk rspb and msf uk (doctors with out borders).If you just search with everyclick the charity portion goes into a big pot but if you go onto everyclicks homepage you can enrol onto any of 200,000 charitys

    FREERICE.COM the united nations has a charity called the world food programe they own a website called freerice.com its a quiz with many subjects english spanish maths etc and when you get an answer right the sponsors pay for 10 grains of rice they have got up to 30 million grains in one day and since 2007 have got over 95 billion for the worlds starving if you go onto youtube you can see the wfp site

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