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    The Fall Guy

    “MALEVOLENT” - A malevolent person/entity deliberately tries to cause harm or evil. Synonyms: spiteful, hostile, vicious, malicious.

    The WTBTS blows its own trumpet when boasting about victories for its "freedom of speech." However, when non-JW's legally use small segments of JW-produced copyright material in order to offer legitimate criticisms, parodies, debate, the cult's hierarchy send in their "terminators" - not principally to have a portion of a Kingdom Melody removed from the internet, but as a means to either close the contributor down or better still, to force them to reveal their name, address, telephone number, and email address if/when they try to challenge the take-down of their internet submission. Malicious & malevolent - nothing less! I know someone who has recently experienced this.

    Since the WTBTS "takes the gloves off" when dealing with criticism, perhaps more and more of us should adopt the same tactics. Rank & file JW's deserve to be confronted & informed - politely but robustly, in order to highlight as much as possible how malevolent their "faithful slave" really is!

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