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  • jws

    I spoke of this before. For over a year now, one of my son's best friends is a Jehovah's Witness. I never was freaked out about it or worried about my son being influenced. And my son told him that I used to be.

    That said, I've spoken to him from time to time. Doctrine only vaguely because I don't think he really knows the intracies of the doctrine and it would go right over his head. He's only 13.

    He's a member of a Spanish congregation. One day I asked if they treated the Spanish congregation like second class citizens like they did where I was from. Giving them the worst meeting times and days, the English speaking one controls everything, etc. To which he thought and said I was spot on. And that it's not right, we're supposed to all be equal.

    Eventually, at one point, he decided he didn't want to be a JW anymore. And supposedly talked to the elders about that. He also gets in non-physical fights with his dad a lot. IDK if they're JW related or not.

    Either it's the congregations down here, or things have changed a lot. Or maybe it's just the Spanish Congregations, but even when he was a JW, he's different from JWs where I was growing up. Their family is very materialistic. He has all the latest up-to-date gadgets (iphone, ipad, laptop) and expensive tennis shoes and athletic clothes. He's had several girlfriends. At 13? When I was a kid, JWs didn't even date until they were getting near 18 and ready to marry. And I don't think his latest is even a JW. And what's with telling your elders you don't want to be a JW? I don't know how his dad reacted, he hasn't talked about that. My dad would have locked me in the house until I decided that I wanted to be a JW again. And what's more, he still hangs out with my son, knowing I'm both an ex-JW and atheist/agnostic.

    I'm kind of glad to see somebody not go down that path. But according to the way I was raised, he was already off the JW path anyway.

  • Crazyguy

    I think a lot of JW communities are more liberal then your typical white conservative originally from England types. Even the white in California are way more liberal then those in the east or north west of the USA .

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