Who would already be dead? An interesting question for Dubs.....

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    My "significant other" was watching a documentary about a famous musician, Adrew McMahon, and was visible moved by the documentary. Andrew, the lead singer of 'Jack's Mannequin' was diagnosed with Leukemia.

    He is alive today becuase of "Stem Cell" treatment. I wanted to ruin the moment by saying, " Wow. You really love that band. You know...he would be dead if he was a JW. You know that form of medical treatment is forbidden, right? You know where stem cells come from, right?" ( Deer in the headlights...😳 )

    I didn't say anything. Why? I didn't feel like fighting. Hey, it's true! If he was a Dub, he would have died. JWs just LOVE "worldly" music and concerts, but they never stop and think, " All these "worldlies" will be gone. There won't be any 'Jacks Mannequin' songs in Panda Paradise, only constant songs of praise to Jeehoober!!"

    So I got to wondering, " Who else would be dead if they were forced to follow the dumb-ass guidance from the dumb-ass WTBTS??" It blows your mind if you think about it.

    This type of question might help a Dub awaken. You never know.....


  • sir82

    Even further irony: Per JW theology, by accepting the (forbidden) stem cell therapy, he prolonged his life only long enough to be slaughtered by one of Jesus' flaming hailstones at Armageddon. He would have been better off dying, because then he'd get a resurrection into the panda-petting paradise.

    That will really get you a deer-in-headlights look.


    Well said.... It really blows me away. So watchtarded..... 😔


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