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  • La Capra
    La Capra

    I adore my mother, she has but one flaw...and, well, that is the story of my life. When I quit JWs cold turkey at the tender age of 19, I was still living at home, with her and my dad (the long-suffering unbelieving mate). This enabled my mother to still have her only daughter and youngest born in her life, with little hassle from anyone. My dad wouldn't have me treated badly in his home (yay Daddy!) As I worked my way from the nest, I worried she would reduce her affection and inclination towards a realtionship with me. But it didn't happen. However, when I moved, she never initiated contact with me via the phone. If I called she'd yak with me for hours, and return my messages if she was out. But if she wanted to talk to me, she wouldn't call, but wait for me....and we'd yak for hours. Yet today she couldn't wait. I hadn't called in a few weeks due to some overwhelming craziness at work and school. She so couldn't wait, she actually called me on my cel phone. I missed it because I was in the courthouse, where the signal is poor. At any rate, she called me, to tell me of closed escrow news in the sale of my grandmother's house which was wrought with legal issue upon legal issue. I haven't been able to get back to her yet, but I could hear in her voice that I was the first person she wanted to tell. She was so excited, and it was ME daugther-apostate that she wanted to tell first. These are the small (no HUGE) things for which that blasted cult has made me grateful. Peace and gratitude in my heart tonight. Shoshana

  • drwtsn32

    That's great! I'm glad you and your mother can have a fairly decent relationship! My relationship with my parents is very similar, but my wife's parents are completely and utterly hateful towards us now.

    You're almost a Jr Member, by the way!

  • Swickley

    La Capra-- I am happy for you and I understand what a grand sense of joy you must be experiencing now that your mother is iniating contact with you. I am on the flip side of a scenario similiar to yours: I left the cult long ago but two of my children are still held captive. My third child is not a JW, and, the way things stand now, it's as though I only have one child (the other two are into shunning and do not contact me at all). It is a sad state of affairs and I miss these children of mine who are missing-in-action. The only thing standing between us, and the force that keeps us apart, is this insane religion. It is a force that tears families apart and causes such unnecessary grief. Those of us who have been inside this bizarre organization know that the religion itself is full of hate and repression. Res ipsa loquitur -- the thing speaks for itself.


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