Lets hear what your local needs was about this week

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  • dbq407

    Mines was about, can you believe this??? Coming your hair. yes I said it. Combing your freaking hair. Then he added tight fitting dresses.

    I believe it, i've been counseled on side burns just down to the bottom of my ear lobe and because my hair was too long looking when it wasn't groomed, among other petty things.

  • loneranger

    Local needs in our congregation...support your field service group on Saturday...just reduced the number of groups from 10 to 7...support on Sat is pretty poor...some groups had only 1 person show up on Sat morning!! So, they think combining the groups will allow for better support...doubt it...people are people...if they don;t want to come out on Sat for any rason...they won't...local needs part was to encourage all to show support for Jesus and the command to preach...funny thing...the elder who gave the part is a field service conductor and is out on Sat...he's retired and never around during the week whan many others go out...he's no where to be found...also only goes out with his family...his part thus was a giant ho hum!!! Nothing wlil happen.

    This is central Florida USA

  • Anonymaus1914
    Local needs was for brothers to reach out. CO just said that we have over 20 baptised brothers, but only one MS.
  • mikeypants


    You had me laughing hysterically for the last few minutes , not quite sure why though.

  • Truthexplorer
    I had no idea what ours was about. The talk was boring and vague. I asked my wife what she thought of the local needs and she said she was lost. I guess we were both day dreaming during what sounded like an insurance seminar :-)
  • ?me?
    I mostly tuned out and surfed the web. But it was about "school kids , use your summer to preach ". Also encouraged them to read the bible in the morning and evening. No really.

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