Blonde, I miss your comments!

by stillin 3 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • stillin

    This link

    has a great discussion about today's WT study, the difference and reasons for translating grace as undeserved kindness. This has been discussed here before but I've just discovered the website.

  • NikL

    I too read it this morning in preparation for the study today.

    Helps keep things in perspective :-)

  • waton

    why would you put blondie through the agony to have to read the articles? for those still toddling along with family to the meetings, just listening to the stuff once is more than enough to pick out the brain washing. But it was great to have had the digest. thanks blondie.

  • stillin

    Waton, you are right. Blondie's comments were much more studious and analytical than the congregation's consideration of the material. I don't come by those qualities naturally in myself but since I still attend it helped me to have fresh eyes on the subjects.

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