Protest against Jehovah's Witness organization in Poland on March 26th, 2017, covered by a local news TV

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    Watch it here:

    The protest was organized by a former JW elder and pioneer couple - Alex and Iza. Around 60-80 former JWs and people who are interested in the subject came to the city square in Wrocław (population of about 600k - 1M in metro area). There held signs and posters saying "Protect your family from Jehovah's Witnesses", "Give us our families back", "You will not learn from JWs what does the Bible really teach", "In JW congregations victims of abuse are silenced" and "Read the confession of former Governing Body member". Additionally on this weekend a radio ad was ran telling people in Wroclaw about the protest, and a 6x3 meter mobile banner with the phrase "Protect your family from Jehovah's Witnesses" and some Ex JW Youtube channel names was driving across the streets. Hundreds of flyers were also distributed. All those materials pointed to a website - ("breakingthesilence") - which contains more information about shunning, blood ban and links to other resources both in polish and english.

    A small group also went to a local Kingdom Hall complex of 4 halls and spent some time there with the signs and banners, standing silently near the entrance. Hundreds of JWs were passing by in disbelief because it was probably the first time in their lives they saw something like this.

    As an effect in the following week this topic was discussed in almost every JW congregation and online groups. Even though they were laughing at it (because what else could they do) I am convinced that some of them probably were curious how Jehovah could let something like this happen. Plus the main reason the protest was held was to educate the general public about the JW practices, which with the help of local media was a big success. There was also another TV report which was even more damning, because at the end they've reached to the JW press representative. And guess what - they've declined to comment.

    A longer report with interviews with former JWs is in the making. Also, there are already plans for another protest which will be held this summer in Poland's capitol - Warsaw. Everyone is invited, even if you don't speak Polish. If you want to participate, you can write to [email protected]

  • jwleaks

    Very good TV news coverage with a focus on the harmful effects of shunning, including family break-ups and suicide.

  • darkspilver
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    @darkspilver: I wrote about that on Reddit some time ago: Sorry for not updating about the situation here.

  • darkspilver

    that's cool - thanks

  • punkofnice
    bardzo dobrze
  • truth_b_known

    I love how at the end they say they are doing a "warning work" to educate the public about what will happen if you join and then decide to leave. I also think it's great that they have professionally produced printed materials. They could set up a cart next to the Watchtower cart.

  • carla

    Well done!

  • flipper

    Very well done and organized ! THIS is what needs to happen across the United States and in other countries as well. Ex-JW's getting together in numbers of 60 - 80 people, demonstrating with signs, getting media attention in public places, and even standing outside Kingdom Hall entrances as people drive in off the street to attend. Perhaps we'll start seeing this on mainstream T.V. or Internet around the world if Ex-JW folks can consolidate efforts and stop being like cats going off in all different directions without being herded or organized. I hope more of these grass roots movements get started

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