college should distract me well...

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  • jwbot

    My mom isn't returning my calls anymore... and I havn't heard from my sisters and nephews in a few months :(

    BUT, all is well, you see...classes start up again in less than 2 weeks. I filled my schedule, and I have 3 classes with my 3 favorite professors. One of whome, I have a slight crush on...shes so perty and smart. I was supposed to go to Austria with her, like for a class trip, but that fell through. Oh Well.

    I am just so happy to be in college, this is my third year, and I plan on getting my masters in addition to my bachelors. I love how the society is against higher education (are they still?). Getting an education enlightened me, and that is what gave me the strength to walk away and not look wonder they hate it.

    My favorite class was my new media class with the professor (Joline) that I have a crush on. She would put a lot of her philosophy into her art, things like feminism, and gender philosophies.

    Did anyone here have a class or philosophy or enlightenment that helped them get over "the troof"?

  • stillajwexelder

    Did some earthquake studies in Geography classes -- so I new that C. O. Jonson had it correct when he said there was no increase in earthquakes since 1914 -- and then the WTBTS went and admitted it anyway in March 22nd Awake 2002

  • Valis

    I've taken lots of philosophy classes. I think logic was my fave. BTW don't forget to check out for scholarship opportunities of all kinds. Best ofl uck...i start back work at my campus next week....Dammit!!!! I want more vacation time!! *LOL*


    District Overbeer

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