Blood Transfusion & Loss of Salvation?

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  • Counter-Watchtower

    In my reading on this site Ive read ppl in Org were afraid of losing salvation if they had a blood transfusion. Like its the unpardonable sin or something (of course it is not, the Bible never says not to have a blood transfusion). Ive read all i could find on but nothing about what would happen if you had one. Could someone point me to a Watchtower quote about this? Or an official JW article about what happens if you have one? Or is it an unspoken teaching/fear JWs have?

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Might it be the fear of being DF'd as an Apostate? All Jws know that an Apostate will be zapped into oblivion never to be seen again. Forever.

    What does The Word tell us about "salvation?" Is it possible to "lose it?"

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  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    It's not an unforgivable act per session, but it's often very deliberate.

    Can you imagine any other 'sin' where you first have multiple discussions with your spouse about whether you'd do it or not, talk to your doctors, the elders....already had a signed will in your wallet saying that other people shouldn't force you commit this 'sin'.....and then go ahead and do it anyway? It would take a very bold and 'brazen' attitude to be so deliberate about 'sinning'

    On top of that, accepting blood is not a fun way to break the rules. Getting drunk or having sex with your hot colleague seems much more fun and tempting.

    And while both genitals and blood are considered to be sacred, I guess most JW don't really view their genitals as such :-D

    Oh and other sins are not 'trying to save your life', and JW have been indoctrinated with Jesus' words that 'everyone who tries to save their life will lose it'.

    So their is a huge mental barrier that stops JW from accepting blood.

  • TD

    Although it was a very long time ago, (Early 1960's) the JW parent organization strongly implied that a child who received a transfusion and died would not be resurrected.

    I can dig up the exact quote if you like.

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