Gone Hikin' - Blue Lake

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  • TheWonderofYou

    I vite you to make with me a „roundabout route“ round the new world headquarters. As many cannot afford a journey to America and many would rather made a recreational trip to the Hudson valley. Let us hike and tramp virtually around. About 50.000 visitors are counted at the bethels every year. Lets begin with the world headquarters at the Blue Lake.

    Next to the HQ we find to the WEST this nice low Tranquility Ridge which we will explore later, perhaps tomorrow.

    Its the "Tranquility Ridge County Park Forest", a very beautiful place to tramp around in silent nature. Lets hope that the GB get many spiritual new light here. Its 44 miles to New York from here. Its a sign that the HQ was relocated from the loud city into the silent nature.

    Vis-a vis over the "blue lake" you see the IBM HQ. Thats to the north.

    Blue Lake is located inside Sterling Forest State Park.

    The Sterling State Lakes will be our next tour. I hope tomorrow. Enjoy!

    At the Blue lake Anglers can also target Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel and panfish. Blue Lake has a nice boat launch and provides anglers with a good opportunity at catching some fish.


    Here some details about the HQ.

    IBM at the Blue Lake

  • pseudoxristos

    The building in the foreground of the third picture from the bottom appears to be built in the shape of a Cross. When first looking at it, it looks like one building, but It may actually be two separate buildings connect at the top.

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