Russia's Supreme Court is due to resume considering ban on Jehovah's Witness activity on 12 April

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    Russia's Supreme Court is due to resume considering a total ban on Jehovah's Witness activity on 12 April. Already police in several towns have disrupted their worship. A Moscow community's rental of a hall to mark their main annual commemoration was cancelled after an FSB visit.

    As Jehovah's Witnesses await a verdict at Russia's Supreme Court in Moscow on whether they will be banned across the country, their communities are already feeling the effects of the Justice Ministry's actions. They have reported intimidation, harassment, and the disruption of worship by law enforcement agents in several towns as a result of the Justice Ministry's 15 March order summarily suspending most of their activities. One community found that its contract on a rented hall in Moscow had been cancelled.

    The harassment comes as hearings in the Justice Ministry's attempt to liquidate the Jehovah's Witness Administrative Centre are underway in the Supreme Court. After three days of hearings between 5 and 7 April, Judge Yury Ivanenko adjourned proceedings until 10.00am Moscow time on 12 April. This is the day after the Jehovah's Witnesses main annual commemoration – the Memorial of Christ's Death – on 11 April.

    Liquidation, banning suit

    The Justice Ministry lodged its suit at the Supreme Court on 15 March, asking that the Administrative Centre be declared an extremist organisation, that it be liquidated, and that all its activities be banned.

    On the same day, the Ministry also issued an Order suspending most Jehovah's Witness activities, including all public meetings and the Administrative Centre's financial transactions.

    What brings harm to JWs is not their worship, but their human teaching on blood transfusion: “Jehovah’s Witnesses break the law forbidding “extremism” when its members refuse blood transfusions, Russia’s Justice Ministry said Thursday at a Supreme Court hearing on the question of banning the religious group in the country.”

    Hopes are on the wane.

    April 6, 2017: “MOSCOW (AP) - Russia's Supreme Court has upheld the decision of a Russian city to ban Jehovah's Witnesses as an extremist group. The decision Thursday came amid proceedings on a Justice Ministry suit to ban the religious organization in Russia altogether.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Sadly, many r & f J.W.'s will almost certainly suffer, while the "faithful slave" capitalises on the persecution.

    Hopefully such circumstances impels countless Russian J.W.'s to do research on the internet.

  • tor1500


    Weren't the apostles told they could go to different parts for their ministry but not Samaria? Later, we see how the Good News was brought into Samaria, Jesus finally went there and met a Samarian women and that's how the good news came to Samaria, by just a simple woman....

    So, does anybody think that maybe God is telling them to get out....that when he is ready he'll bring the good news to Russia in his time not ours....

    The witnesses always say they are led by the spirit, they are not listening....maybe God is saying get out, now, while you can...but they are so stubborn....just like David....many times David acted without Jehovah's backing...

    We shall see how this plays out....

    But this just could be about $$$$$$...


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