Jehovah's Witnesses and Education - old foes

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  • EdenOne

    I was skimming through old numbers of the Watchtower and came across this interesting bit. Under the headline "Ungodliness and Discontent", the article claims:

    "[...] we have more than once called attention to in these columns, namely, that the spread of education, and increase of wealth, are not tending to make mankind happier, holier or more content, but rather the reverse." w10 March 1, p. 84-85

    Then it presents an argument based on a supposed correlation between suicide rates among educated and non-educated people to conclude that education makes people unhappy. It's a long enmity between the Watch Tower and education, isn't it?


  • ttdtt

    w10 March 1, p. 84-85

    Watchtower doesn't have that many page?

    Where is this?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    That's probably 1910, not 2010 ;-)

  • EdenOne

    Those are the reprints in volumes. I may have messed up the pages. It is in Volume XXXI, p. 4573.

    And yes, it's 1910. Duh ... i should have made that clear.... sorry!

    As found here.


  • TerryWalstrom

    Sounds like Category Error.

    Education isn't the same as knowledge.

    Schools, colleges, tutors, Gurus, etc. are delivery systems of ideology and propaganda all too often.
    I see so many extreme college age students who are ignorant of what they have been carefully taught to "hate."
    That isn't education of a useful nature. It is a program for indoctrinating useful idiots.

  • EdenOne

    Back in 1910, Russell equated "education" with "socialism" and "high criticism" of the Bible, among other things.


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