Episode Seven - Part 2 - Sexual Abuse and Jehovah's Witnesses - David's Story

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    Episode 7 - Part 2 - Sexual Abuse and Jehovah's Witnesses - David's Story

    Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse Discussion

    In Part 2 you will learn more about Steve B. and his interactions with David. You will see how relationships impacted David, both for the good and the bad as years went by. You will see how the “loving spiritual shepherds”, the elders in the congregations, treat those that are shunned and trying to come back to their flock. You will learn about David’s eventual path out of the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses and his new life as he is shunned. This episode is intense and raw and real, and I thank David for being so vulnerable and putting the truth out there even though it isn't easy to do. It helps others to realize that they are not alone.

    Listen on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Play, wherever you get podcasts, or at shunnedpodcast.com. Leave a supportive comment for David on his episode at shunnedpodcast.com.

    Awesome will check it out !!

  • dubstepped

    Hope you got something out of it. Part 2 was a long listen, but a wild ride. David was very brave to tell his story like that.

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