Ex-Bethelite Admits to Murder at the JW Missionary Home in Samoa

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    In perusing the information on Randy Watter's Bethelite guest file, I came across a real shocker: an ex-Bethelite turned missionary, Mike Adams, therein alleges to have murdered a missionary couple in the Samoa missionary home where he was also assigned, and to having done 14 years in prison for the crime.

    Do any of you have any recollection of this?

  • shotgun


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    bttt: rather surprised at that only one persons responmded; maybe I should have asked about everyone's favorite colors....

  • minimus

    Room, maybe no one had any extra info to pass on....I like blue.

  • Panda

    Room, I've never heard of this. When did it happen? Where did he serve his sentence? Why did he kill them? Did he think Samoans would just let it slide? BTW my favorite color is yellow

  • Gamaliel

    Never met this Mike Adams. I knew Mark Stapleton[ius] though, and probably even snow boarded with this Adams guy in one of those open areas near the Brooklyn Bridge. He was right about the watchman that fell down an elevator shaft at Squibb, but I figured he was lying about Samoa, so I never worried about it.

    Sounds like he might have done the crime. Why only 14 years? Was there some extenuating motive, if that's possible? Insanity? Do Samoans think missionaries aren't worth that much? (I think some Samoans ate a couple of missionaries back in 1838 or 1839 -- food at the proper time, I guess.)

    Anyway, it seemed odd because double homicide usually gets one "50 years to life" here in the States.


  • Panda

    Okay, I looked some info up about this murder in Samoa. Nothing really about the murders but, the court paper from 1996 where Mike Adams asked to be paroled and the court denied him access to the parole board. But 4 years later he was out. The murders were in January 1986, why???? I didn't find any news reports because the local Samoan paper (The Observer) only archived to a few years back . The victims names were Katherine and Edward Sedlack.

    Interestingly today there is some news about Samoan religious riots! I'd really like to know why Adams had to kill the Sedlacks

    And did the WTS take any blame for sending this murderer along with the couple? Or maybe the couple was already in Samoa? What, if anything did the families do to get restitution? Maybe it was an accident? I read another murder account in Samoa of a man shooting into the night and he killed someone(I think he got man-slaughter)

    So I'll continue my sleuthing and let yah'll know Panda

  • RunningMan

    Hey, now we've got a thread going - my favorite color is off-white.

    Actually, this sounds rather interesting. I'll bet that's one experience you will never hear at the District Convention.

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