Pandora’s Box, Why?

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  • pandorasbox1914

    I posted my intro 3 days ago and would like to say thanks to everyone for the welcome shown to a new poster. A lot more than I have ever received from my so called brothers and sisters over 25+ years.

    This is my third post today, so way too much time on my hands apparently.

    First of all I may have given the impression that I was a girl because of the use of Pandora, but I am a guy.

    Pandora’s Box was used as a means to illuminate all that is wrong with the ORG, and I thought it was cool and different.

    It got me thinking, I wonder how many people might know the story of Pandora’s Box, so here goes.

    Zeus, the King of the God’s hid fire from mankind.

    Prometheus a Titan did not agree with this and so stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mankind. This so enraged Zeus that he ordered Hephaestus to create a beautiful woman in the image of a goddess out of revenge, she was to be a punishment for mankind. All the god’s gave her gifts, Hermes however, gave her a deceitful nature and the name Pandora (“Pan” meaning “All” and “Dora” meaning “Gifts”), because 'all her gifts' had been given her by the gods, showing her to be a parody of the only true Giver of All Gifts, who was Gaia, Mother Goddess Earth.

    Pandora was given a box (“Pithos” originally a jar in earlier texts), she was instructed never to open the box. Zeus knew that Pandora was not malicious but was curious and that curiosity would eventually get the better of her. This of course was Zeus’s objective as he wanted mankind to suffer in order to understand that they should not disobey their god’s.

    The box contained the evils of sicknesses by day and night, old age, harsh toil, death, but also hope. Pandora opened the box and all the evils poured out into the world but Zeus would not allow her to close it. But just as hope was about to come out, Zeus allowed Pandora to close the box, so trapping hope inside. Prior to the box being opened, mankind lived in peace from the sufferings now plaguing them.

    This got me thinking of a slightly different application.

    Zeus has been related to Satan the Devil, if so this creates some interesting connotations, Pandora could represent the ORG, after all the ORG has used such terms as mother, bride etc., it has had many gifts bestowed upon it, Holy Spirit, FDS etc. It too has its box, the NWT which interestingly has also dispensed many evils upon mankind, 1914, two witness rule with regards to child abuse, shunning, false predictions etc. Coincidentally it to has locked up hope just like Pandora’s Box, as a result many JW’s suffer more in the Truth than before they were converted.

    Anyway, just some musings on why I chose pandorasbox1914.

  • jaydee

    Well thanks for the info...I like that myth.

    As to '' pandorasbox '' , ( and I probably shouldn't admit this ) ,

    but thinking you might be a girl, adds a whole new meaning.

    Up until you mentioned it, I hadn't given it any thought one way or the other.

    So does that mean I am 'stumbled now' ? .

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