Jws are in the matrix but reversed, sort of.

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  • Crazyguy

    I thought of this lastnight in light of these new assembly videos. We have all seen posts about the comparison with the movie matrix but I think it's in reverse, here's what I mean. The jw is in the matrix and yes are the batteries for the machine but instead of thier minds being all fun and happy and life being normal they are the ones being chased by the machines living in Zion and thinking thier going to die at any moment. If one takes the pill they wake up take thier body out of the battery collection device and realize life is really like what the movie matrix portrays as being in the matrix. Reality , living in a city going to work seeing people going out to eat at caf├ęs etc.

    We apostates are like Morpheus trying to get people to take the pills and see that the world is not all doom and gloom and no no machines are chasing you and Zion is not reality.

  • kairos

    And the judicial committees made up of agents...

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