Do a person need a college education to be a good JW

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  • Santa

    Yea I know it's not required or anything, but a lot of the people in the congregation are clearly in need of help that the elders can not give them and none of the other members seem to want to help. So is it wrong for a person to want to get advanced social and medical training skills to help those in need?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Don't be silly, Jehoovie will send educated help from Satan's world to help them but not before putting massive skepticism in their heads about their motives!

  • Santa

    Unfortunately there are no educated people in Satans World, so should I get an education anyway?

  • scratchme1010
    scratchme1010 should I get an education anyway?

    Any institution, person, organization, group or anything or anyone who tells you that learning is not a good thing is not minding your best interest. What relationship there is between learning something and having skills enough to provide for your family (or more skills than the ones needed for that matter), and living forever in paradise on Earth? That made up BS from a controlling organization. Besides, at least in the USA, now every person should have skills to get any kind of job. Unskilled labor is pretty much gone. So yes, go learn something.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    in 2016, to be a good JW, you just need to use a tablet with the JW application, and repeat stupidly what the governing body, and the CO, and the elders, and the publications have told you many and many times.

    this way, you can become an elder in 10 years maximum, even in 6 years if you're ambitious and a talented ass-kisser!

  • Xanthippe
    Do a person need a college education

    You need basic education if you think that's grammatically correct.

  • Scully

    In JW-land, an education is considered to be a complete waste of time, as is helping people (other than JWs, naturally) with practical matters like health care and social services. This is because (a) Armageddon™ is Just Around The Corner™, (b) your skills will have no value in The New System™ as Armageddon Survivors™ will have no social service or health care issues, and (c) your time would be much better spent Pioneering™ and helping people become JWs so they can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth™.

    What they don't tell you is that education is the key that will unlock so many doors for you. Your job opportunities multiply. Your mind will expand as you learn about diverse populations and cultures. You will learn to use your critical thinking ability. All of these things are real threats to your continued allegiance to the JWs.

  • Vidiot

    Santa - "Does a person need a college education to be a good JW?"


    The opposite, in fact.

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