Jehovah's Witnesses adaptation of child safeguarding practices and guidance to local circumstances in various countries - Thesis

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  • Vidiot

    One of the biggest problems JW loyalists have with the prospect of adopting modern reforms is getting around the mindset that the WTS's own "Biblical" standards (or, more accurately, the Org's interpretation and application of them) could possibly be lacking, or even worse, inferior to any other suggested methods.

    Not to mention that in the current "Last Days of the Last Days", there's an immediate knee-jerk resistance to even the slightest hint of capitulation or compromise with "Satan's World", no matter how sensible or ethical the action might be.

    This is tentatively confirmed by anecdotal accounts of local Australian Elder bodies pooh-poohing the need to acquire a "Working With Children" classification even when it was required by law to do so...

    ...although I suspect the real reason is that if they actually did comply, too few applicants would be able to pass the relevant background checks, which would be super embarrassing and difficult to explain to the rank-and-file and make running the Org at the grassroots level way harder...

    ...because said failed applications would disqualify too many otherwise willing brothers, and thusly leave local congregations uncomfortably short-handed.

  • Vidiot

    Of course, the real reason the Org is resisting is because the nature of the needed reforms cannot help but contribute further to public exposure - and worse, tacit admission of guilt - with regards to the problem (not to mention the fact that it's become endemic and institutionalized specifically as a result of their much-vaunted "Biblical" methods)...

    ...which, in turn, further undermines their fictional status as "God's Exclusive Earthly Organization" like almost nothing else...

    ...and thusly undermines the only real incentive for the membership to even stay.

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