Pseudoscience, Superstition and Sexual Abuse versus Real Science in India

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  • fulltimestudent

    Often billed as the World's largest democracy, that description hides huge problems that many in India refuse to face up to.

    Let's start with the problem of sexual abuse. The fact that rape is likely more common in India than any other society is reasonably well known, and while other problems may compound this (as I once was metaphorically stoned to death for saying) violent rape is a huge problem

    But few other societies would tolerate this:

    A headline in the UK Guardian:

    The Indian village where child sexual exploitation is the norm

    Poverty and caste discrimination mean that children in Sagar Gram are being groomed by their own families for abuse

    Link to a terrible story:

  • zeb

    Utterly horrible..

  • zeb

    what do I say.. save I am glad that the 'wheels' are turning there beit so slowly..

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