Papal Bulla - Latest Metal Detecting Find

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  • cofty

    I was out detecting this evening for an hour after work and found this amazing bit of history.

    It is a lead seal that originated on a document from Pope Martin V at some time between 1417 and 1431. These official documents were called Papal Bulls and were dispatched to all the parishes in the Medieval empire.

    This example has later been made into a spindle whorl which is why it has a hole through the centre. Lead whorls were used before spinning wheels were invented to make yarn of sheep's wool.

    The inscription "SPASPE" stands for "Sanctus Paulus Sanctus Petrus" and the two busts are of Paul and Peter.

    The reverse has "Martinus PP. V" where PP stands for Papa. It is astonishing to hold such an important object that was lost just a few hundred yards from where I am now and hasn't been seen for 600 years.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Nice find!

  • John_Mann

    What's the size?

  • cofty

    On 1 March 1420, Pope Martin V issued a Bull inviting all Christians to unite in a crusade against the Wycliffites, Hussites, and other heretics - Wiki

    This appears to be the only Bull he is known for which puts a good date on the object.

    Did the Watchtower not claim Jan Huss and John Wycliffe as two of the "anointed"?

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Holy!! What do you do with them? Sell them? Keep them?

    I know you have it in your other posts perhaps but tell me, what metal detector do you use? Think I could have luck myself? I live in Mexico...

  • cofty

    @John_mann - it's 35mm diameter.

    A split can be seen on the top and bottom edges where the silk thread would have passed through.

  • cofty

    @ILoveTTATT2 - I keep the stuff. So far I haven't sold anything. The landowner has a 50% claim on everything and I have agreed he can put up a display in "the big house".

    I use a Garrett AT Pro.

  • contramundum

    Amazing find

  • cofty

    This image from Google shows how a lead seal would have been used originally

  • cofty

    Correction - PP stands for Pastor Pastorum ("Shepherd of Shepherds")

    More info here...

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