Matthew 24 :14 VS Christ Jesus 100 + year Reign / Christendoms 2000+ year reign

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  • smiddy

    It has been over 100 years since Jesus Christ was enthroned as King in the heavens in 1914 according to Jehovah`s Witnesses with the task of preaching "This Good News Of The Kingdom" in all the inhabited earth .for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

    It`s been over 2000 years since this task was given to Jesus Disciples , who evolved into Christendom over the Centuries with many sects that abound today.

    Neither have succeeded in carrying out this task to completion and Christendom has had far longer an opportunity to do so. However Jehovah`s Witnesses claim they are the true religion with Gods approval .

    So you would expect a better achievement

    Jesus Christ has used up more than 100 years of his rule with no major accomplishments , it does not look like he is going to achieve any better than what Christendom did in 2000 years.In fact by all accounts he is going to be far worse.

    Jehovah`s Witnesses as a minority sect are becoming more irrelevant as each year passes.

    Even their "witnessing" has been dumb`d down so much that it is an embarrassment to observe in the field.

    In the 60`s and 70`s their was an urgency to get this message across to people , today ? Witnessing is all so lack -a-daisy ,sit by a cart who cares if nobody responds , door to door ?, dawdle from one house to another , weak knock on the door nobody home don`t take a record we will be back in 6 months time ,their not interested anyway .

    Not forgetting the fact most young JW`s today have no idea of their own history or even care about it , and have even less knowledge of the Bible or what it really contains ,except what they are told by the WTB&TS. in select scriptures .

    At least 1/3rd to 1 /2 of the world has never heard of Jehovah`s Witnesses , and I would hazard a guess that more than 2/3rds to 7/8ths of the world would not have a clue what Jehovah`s Witnesses believe apart from no blood .

    But of course if your in a confined environment all your going to hear about is what others in that same environment is going to say


  • aboveusonlysky

    Well said, there's not a single country in the world that the org has had success in preaching where Christendom didn't have success first. Yet the main line of evidence that Jah is backing the org is the extent of the preaching work ????

    So who was backing Christendom's preaching campaign for 19 centuries?

  • jwleaks

    Don't forget we are fast approaching the 2000 year anniversary of Jesus' death.

  • smiddy


    2000 year anniversary of Jesus death , ? I had not thought of that , good point .

    For all the Jehovah`s Witnesses , " Here we go around the mulberry bush , the mulberry bush , the mulberry bush ,here we go around the mulberry bush ," again and again , and again.


  • EdenOne

    Then don't forget that we will be approaching the 2000 years over the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. Do you see the type / antitype? hint hint ....


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