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  • pleaseresearch

    Are Watchtower mad!!!! Did they really just go and make a 5 mintute video showing brothers and sister in Malawi writing letters to the Russian government.

    Just seen a post on my FB from a current sister who thinks its great. Sent her a private message from JW.facts and the double standards Watchtower used.

    It's as if the organisation just doesn't give a damm what they put out there now. I personally thought that they would never want to mention about the 70's or produce a video how they check to make sure the sources are correct etc....

    If any of them do any research outside of then a whole can of worms will be opened.

  • zeb

    I recall the horror stories coming out of Malawi. Years later the wts said the bro there decided of their own to refuse to carry the party/ID cards which was the source of the (very real) persecution of the jw there by Abanda's thugs.

    Did any of the gb fly to Malawi.. ....none that I ever heard of.

    To ask the jw there today to complain to Russia is the utter heights of chicanery. The gb must believe their own bullshit thinking that no one outside their NY enclave remembers the reality of the Malawi situation.

  • smiddy3

    Contrast the situation with the Brothers/Sisters in Malawi with the brothers in Mexico in the same time period with the persecution going on in Malawi by the regime of President Banda.and the complicit compromise of the brothers in Mexico.

    It is hard to comprehend the duplicity that takes place within the Governing Body ,but hey the same thing happened with the membership of the United Nations with the difference of the lives that were lost in Malawi and the rape of many sisters and the displacement of so many lives and families whereas all the Mexican brothers had to do which they did was give a bribe to the officials and go free.

    All with the knowledge and sanction of the Governing Body of the WTB&TS .

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