This sums Wt up to a "T"

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  • joe134cd

    Just saw this on you tube. Although he is talking about religion generally and from a Christian perspective. It very much sums up the transition Wt is going through.

  • venus

    What he says is correct. Religions have been reduced into mere social clubs. Many are realising now that people can live without religion but religion cannot live without people. Even during my school days I realised that religion is not needed because I am created in God's image--there is a divine spark in me that sustains my body.

    I understood people have varying responses to others' action which shows people create their emotions such as unhappiness and happiness, depression and joyfulness, anger and contentment ...

    I create happiness

    I create moving pictures in mind--even while sleeping (dream)

    I created my body

    If such a great power resides in my body, it is a divine spark--exact representation of God's very being. Hence why do I need guidance of religion? I can always turn to my soul within.

  • scratchme1010

    There are many elements in the video that I certainly agree with, but I think that there are certain things that go deeper than that. The concept of religious organizations being social clubs is not new.

    Also, some churches are already making modifications, some attempted to become "cool churches" offering rock concerts and other events to appeal to people.

    Another challenge that they face is that some of their attempts at becoming nonprofit organizations with programs to help the community is that their believes and practices discriminate against many of the communities that they are supposed to serve. I cannot imagine a church having a needle exchange program, or a HIV education program for transgender prostitutes, or services for single parents, or (horrors!) a women's health clinic that provides the means for abortions.

    Because of their believes and practices, they cannot obtain a lot of funding from government programs.

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