“Care Plan for Women in Labour Refusing Blood Transfusion”

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    Thank you Wifi-- you are the best. More to add to our archives

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    I just pass along what I get in my inbox. The thanks goes to the Anon's who leak this info.

    If you have any documents or confidential information you would like to leak, PM me or email my Gmail: [email protected]

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    Thank you for making these documents available, Wifi, and thanks to Anon for the leak.

    There is so much I could say about these documents - what they say and what they don't say. I guess I will start with the most glaring things that they don't say.

    The WT/JW documents do not say anything at all about the increased rate of death that the pregnant woman will be facing simply because she is listening to their "spiritual" counsel. The JW woman is not told the magnitude and reality of how her blood refusal will increase risk of death.

    In the Awake! article "Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies", the writer(s) include this comment:

    According to figures released in
    October 2007, one woman dies
    nearly every minute—536,000
    a year—because of problems
    associated with pregnancy.
    —United Nations Population Fund

    That quote is included in the section addressing "problems in pregnancy". Nowhere in the article, though, does it address the number one problem for JW women - the one biggest risk factor: their refusal to take a blood transfusion.

    The risk of death due to complications in pregnancy for JW women is magnified when compared to the general population. There are several medical studies that have addressed the increased risk of death in the JW maternal population and of note, a 2007 Netherlands study had this to say:

    Women who are Jehovah's witnesses are at a six times increased risk for maternal death, at a 130 times increased risk for maternal death because of major obstetric haemorrhage and at a 3.1 times increased risk for serious maternal morbidity because of obstetric haemorrhage, compared to the general Dutch population.

    The "Care Plan" that these uneducated elders, some of them janitors and window washers, that they are given to "discuss" the care of a pregnant woman. This care plan lists, in medical jargon, the options that this woman will be facing - the decisions that will be a "conscience" matter for her to make. But, the one choice that she is NOT given anywhere is the choice to receive red blood cells - the one part of the blood that could save her life.

    And, none of these noblood options that the elders will be discussing with the pregnant woman deal with the possible risks of accepting them. The options are presented as risk free - the risk is invisible to the woman making her "conscious choice".

    Another item of note is that the WT care plan doesn't bother to say that recombinant erythropoietin contains a blood product:

    ...it is important to acknowledge that all formulations of recombinant erythropoietin in the United States contain albumin, a blood product that is not accepted by many members of the sect. Thus, this pertinent point should be emphasized when counseling a Jehovah's Witness patient.*

    *from Management of pregnancy in the Jehovah's Witness

    Also from that article:

    Appropriate counseling is critical and should begin at the initial visit so that the patient has ample time to learn about these options and to discuss them within her community. The patient should be counseled at least once in the absence of any family members or acquaintances. This step ensures that the wishes expressed by the patient are genuine and are her own beliefs. In fact, confidentiality must be emphasized, and it should be clearly explained to the patient that her wishes, including acceptance of a blood transfusion, would remain confidential.

    I would be interested to know what the author of the above would say if they knew what kind of discussion "within her community" was taking place and what kind of documents were actually being used.

    I feel so sorry for pregnant JW women - to be pregnant (probably really young, too) and have to discuss your pregnancy with men. Personal, private medical information being discussed...with men. Who are holding Bibles in their hands. Who have no medical knowledge. Who will never be pregnant themselves. How horrible for those women

  • Worldling9
    As a now retired OB nurse, I cannot begin to articulate my level of disgust.
  • stuckinarut2

    Once again, here is an example of the micro management the society demands over the PERSONAL decision of its members!

    And they say they are NOT a cult?!

  • menrov

    fractions is personal decision. I believe the whole blood acceptance is personal. Our lives are personal. We all are personally accountable for our actions.

    Further, this whole procedure will increase the stress levels for the mother-to-be and all around her. Incredible.

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