Ozzie's Midweek Survey: Things that don't make sense!

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  • ozziepost

    Are there things at the Kingdom Hall that just seem illogical? You know what I mean, you're sitting there and hear the words and you think "But surely that doesn't make sense!" Were there times like that for you? Perhaps there still are!!! I don't mean doctrinal things, or teachings necessarily, but just the way they do things. I thought we could make a list, so I'll start it off:

    1. The chairman always tells us to sit down or "take your seats" to start the meeting, and then the next thing he says is "Would you all stand to sing our opening song"!!!!! Why???

    Any others? Just number them and we'll see how far we get. The next one will be #2, ok? Cheers, Ozziepost

  • BeelzeDub

    The thing that never made any sense was when the CO came to visit how they would rearrange the entire schedule for one person. If the TM school and service meeting was on Wednesday, it would get changed to Tuesday just for the CO. Another congregation that met on Tuesdays would have to change to Wednesday just because of one man hundreds of people had to alter their normal weekly schedules. Of course if someone had problem getting off work because of this change then they were just spiritually weak to miss the CO visit.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I dont remember questioning a thing they said. I internalized it and condemned myself. I only recall hating my life. Living in fear of the wrath of God, and feeling very isolated. A rather sad specimin I was. A lot of young people leave the church thinking : "Im going to die at Armaggedon anyway, I might as well have some worldly fun before God kills me'.The only things I questioned were within myself. Why wasnt I strong enough to resist wickedness? Why couldnt I establish a relationship with God? Why was my prayer life so poor? Why couldnt I improve it? Why didnt I love Jehovah? Why could I not perform well in field service?

    They did a real good job on my head.

  • ozziepost

    #4 When encouraging our regular attendance at meetings, some speakers will say words like "The safest place is in the middle", meaning in the middle of the congregation, fully immersed in zealous activity.

    How on earth can everyone be in the middle?

    By definition, being "in the middle" means there will be some on the perimeter.

    I guess we should be thankful for the weak ones, for without them the strong couldn’t be in the middle!!!!!!

    Cheers, Ozzie

    "We don’t want to forget, but we mustn’t let our memories lead us into negativism." – Otto Frank (quoted in the book "Anne Frank, The Biography" by Melissa Muller)

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