Can you users start uploading more clever because WT removes every video? Please upload smarter.

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  • Rev0lution

    Hi. Good work! But most of the YouTube videos are gone... I want to watch much later on. (Perhaps years to come..)

    Can users start to upload on both YouTube and perhaps ?

    I'm not sure how they handle copyright. But i can find sites that lasts for years and out of the grip of "watchtowers" people.. Just sites where copyright laws don't work on. It does on YouTube..

    Maybe upload videos on both YouTube and anon files?

    I can find more sites. Was thinking about mega, but that one is to public..

    I want to watch videos. They are gone. Please upload better. It would be appreciated anyways! Thanks!

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    That would be rutube, that seems to be where it's going.

  • Rev0lution

    Yeah. Or YouTube and then a backup of the movie files if people want to save them on their hard drives. Then people can watch videos after youtube removes them.

    There are secure sites out there. I can also search for a secure video site that would stay up even when it comes to copyright material. I have not done research on rutube yet. ;)

    But i know many sites exist for videos and just movie files for download.

    There are torrents also out there and people can create a torrent url link with videos.

    Or just anonfiles, etc. Some massive upload of archives that has been deleted from YouTube and not on this site anymore apart from dead links.

    Backups is always good. =)

    Not sure if wayback machine saves YouTube videos, but i don't think they do because of the space.

    I might search around for some good sites later on..

  • dubstepped

    Rather than posting here, you might want to actually contact the YouTubers that you like with a helpful compilation of places that they can also post. My guess is that they just post on YouTube because that's where the eyeballs are and they never thought they'd be shut down. I don't know how many here do anything there, so you may be speaking into the ether.

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