So I've published a novel

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  • JeffT

    On Simon's thread about what we've been doing while stuck at home I mentioned that an alternate history novel I wrote is now on Amazon. Both KIindle and Print versions are available. He told me to post a link, see below. The set up is the United States never bought Alaska and coming out of their war with Russia the Japanese did. Mayhen ensues.

    I'm now editing the sequel, the draft of the third book in the trilogy is done. Book 2 should be up this summer, and the third in the fall. After that I have two novels based VERY loosely on my time with the JW's. They're the first things I wrote and need a lot of work. I hope to have the first one done sometime next spring. You'll hear more when I'm done.

    Here's the link:

  • smiddy3

    Good luck with your writing JeffT,I don`t mind alternative history stories in either books or movies.I have often thought myself about what would the world be like today if Japan and Germany had won the war ?

    Australia where I live was in Japans sights.

    .And if I remember correctly in the 1960`s / 70`s under was it Sukarno or Suharto ? president of Indonesia that they had a map of Australia with all Indonesian names on it .

    I think during those times they were leaning towards communisim .

    Maybe i`ve given you food for thought with future books eh ?

    I wish you well ,and success in your new venture.

  • truth_b_known

    Well done! Writing a book is no small feet. I have the up most respect for any writer.

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