greetings- seeking Sacramento area/Northern California area jws or exjws

by John Barleycorn 2 Replies latest jw experiences

  • John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn

    ...hello all, i'm what you'd call a shunned father seeking jws brave enough to talk to me or exjws who might have known my would-be family in the Sacramento valley/Northern California area... my names Andy and i am seeking my twelve tear old daughter *edited by John Barleycorn*, born in Sacramento 1991... the mother's name is *edited*, she shunned me, then disappeared and married a jw man taking on a new last name which i still cannot find out... she might have had more children with her new hubby since, but i have not been able to find out...

    ...any tips,help or useful suggestions greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • Swan

    Welcome John!

    I am just a neighbor to your north in Oregon. Good luck in your search.


  • suzi_creamcheez

    Hi John,

    What a painful ordeal you've been thru. I am still astounded at how cruel JWs can be.

    I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area. if you need to talk or if there's something I can do please message me or post here.

    My heart goes out to you and your family.

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