The memorial songs sucked.

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    I don't know who the idiots are that write, or approve these songs, ( The creative team of Lett and Tomo??) but THEY SUCK!!

    There is a line in the first song ( # 147 ) that blatantly contradicts the WTBTS dogma of the heavenly calling being an invitation as opposed to a sure thing. According to the latest Partaker bashing WT, just because your "anointed" doesn't mean you've made it. You have to make your calling sure by working for MOTHER.

    I suppose the GB found a legal loophole in Jehibbity-hop's law, because according to the meh-mori-hell songs they have already passed. This makes sense because they are the FDS and can't ever be the Evil Slave. That's really convenient for them.

    🎵"God has a new creation, His spirit-anointed sons.

    He has bought them from mankind; His approval they’ve won." 🎵

    DD 😑

  • nelim
    Oh well, they'll say they can still lose Jah's approval. Wordplay at best ;)
  • jhine

    So DD they are saying that EVERYONE has to earn eternal life , wherever , no one is safe ?


  • 2+2=5

    I heard that they rocked two new tunes for the special occasion.

    I left not long after the new song book came out, what a train wreck that was, the congregation singing those songs together was a shock to the senses. I think it had something to do with the new songs all sucking balls.

  • Carol1111

    Romans 6 v 23

    For the wages sin pays is death,+ but the gift God gives is everlasting life+ by Christ Jesus our Lord.+

    A gift is given and cannot be earned.

    Note: immortality is not mentioned..

  • prologos
    Note: immortality is not mentioned.., neither was it in the memorial talk. many just stood there voiceless.
  • Room 215
    Room 215
    Neither "immortality" nor "resurrection" were mentioned. How does a talk purported to be about the significance of Jesus sacrifice fail to mention these elements? A truly wasted opportunity; most of the time was spent urging the crowd to let the "emblems" pass them by.
  • prologos
    Neither was the new covenant. How do you give a talk (or compose, sing a song) about the wine, The cup that means the new covenant without mentioning it? not in the outline! but the wine is not supposed to be fortified! no brandy, no stills in Memorial Land.
  • stuckinarut2

    Did they sing the line from the old song 'twas Nisan 14 when your glory was seen" etc?

    No, of course not, because the memorial was NOT EVEN ON THE RIGHT DAY this year!

  • helpmeout
    I agree with the title of this thread. I think the plan is to phase out anything that reminds people of what this religion used to be. The re-branding is almost complete. The theme of the memorial talk this year should have been "Look but don't touch." The Watchtower study for this Sunday was timed perfectly to convey the idea that anyone who partook at the memorial is likely an unbalanced fake. Either way, STFU. This organization continues to be masterful at manipulation. The upside is that it is becoming much easier to wake up. The people in my congregation who are 100% into this are few and far between. Interesting to see how this all plays out.

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