Watched The Bunker Videos Again On JWSurvey

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  • JW_Rogue

    I watched the bunker videos again and noticed something strange. Even though none of the characters had actually been disloyal to the org when commended for their loyalty they all say "It wasn't always that way". It was always that way, none of them had actually sinned! The point being even if you haven't really done anything to be disloyal you still need to do more and think more like a WT drone. Stop thinking you're own thoughts and start quoting WT articles.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Good observation.

    I just quickly skipped through the bunker videos. Here's what I noticed (in no particular order):

    1. cult!
    2. Cult!!
    3. CUlt!!!
    4. CULt!!!!
    5. CULT!!!!!
    6. Elaine's voice is super hot. She's can read any WT nonsense to me :-p
    7. 'The silent treatment' (lasting 1 phone call) when having an argument with your JW hubby is wrong and wordly. (But a life long silent treatment for your parents/children/siblings is OK when the elders said so of course)
    8. I never was allowed as much as a very fake water pistol....and them rent-a-cop brothers get to have full body armor with perfect replica guns? Not fair!
    9. This top elder nerd guy looks like he's about to hand out the kool aid
  • JW_Rogue
    And why are they considering themselves so blessed to be sitting in a bunker reading scriptures? Kevin's probably at Starbucks drinking a latte enjoying not being a JW. LOL
  • Darryl

    So what jumped out at me watching this video was all during my childhood I had a morbid fear of the Great

    you know no food no water turture all the stuff that they told us about. And it's pathetic that I still remember

    this passage things will be so bad that unless the days were cut short noone will survive. Worse than

    anything the world has seen before or since. But in the very beginning it seems like a normal JW video

    a bunch of folks of different ages and ethnic backrounds getting together telling experiences about

    how they almost messed up and found themselves on the outside looking in.

    Except for a few windows breaking and some yelling everything seems to be fine. Then someone makes

    the announcement "we are in the great tribulation" just so that everyone is clear on that fact.

    Several people stop by with the super secret door knock but not one person brings food or water or

    batteries or anything. Everyone looks very comfortable and well fed. The elder is still wearing a tie like he's

    conducting a book study or something. Everyone who stops by says "it's pretty bad out there" but they look

    well fed, neat and clean not out of breath and didn't seem like they had any trouble getting to the secret

    hideout. And the kids look very happy and not very frightened at all. Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen

  • kairos

    I think trying to show our still-in JWs this video series is very important.

    Watching the videos in private with time to think about the content is a much better environment than sitting amongst clapping JWs that think this is the best thing ever.

    It could be the difference between waking up or not.

  • JW_Rogue

    Darryl, great point, if this is the great tribulation then what was it that JWs and others faced during Nazi Germany? What is it called when in many places right now JWs face extreme poverty? I think this video shows just how biased the GB is towards an American point of view.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    See I noticed that the actors, namely Kevin, seemed like they were doing an SNL skit.
    Kevin's whispery voice was very Dana Carvey and while I'm reasonably sure this is not a joke, I'm still waiting for someone to call it 'gotcha suckers' because the acting was so lousy. Which I'm not sure what that says for SNL.

  • stuckinarut2

    WELL SAID Kairos!

    Seeing these videos OUTSIDE of the peer-pressure, controlled environment of a witness gathering, allows the reality of the strangeness to sink in.

    Otherwise, it is just like the old story of the emperors new clothes. No one will actually make a squeak or say "um, this is actually really wrong" while surrounded by other witnesses.

  • CookieMonster

    This has to be a new level of

  • WTWizard

    This is very dumb. Doing what those videos suggests will (not might, WILL) lead to poverty, sooner than later. Move out of your home and get a little apartment (you might easily miss the word "little" but it is there). To me, "little" is most likely to mean a small studio. Do you want to live in a studio, especially if you have a family, for a prolonged time?

    And what to do with the house money? Only one thing to do with it--the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Needless to say, what are they doing for secular work? Do they have enough saved to tide them until the New Dark Ages? Probably not. They are probably not even going to be able to pay the rent--and what then? What when the dollar becomes toilet paper? That has already happened in parts of Latin America and in Zimbabwe--Venezuela most recently. Do they have any gold and/or silver saved up for that? Probably not.

    And without money, what are they going to do several months or years later? Once they sell out and move into a studio apartment, what are they going to use to pay for the next suicide mission to Israel? They decide to have another of those wastefests in 2018, and no one has the means to go. What then? Not my problem--I hope they have to call the whole thing off. And no, hounders, you can't have any of my silver to pay for it.

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