Of Kingdumb Clubs Fading and Reappearing

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  • Hairtrigger

    Here’s a thought for debate.

    The eight think tanks ( and I’m speaking seriously) are selling off Kingdom Halls by the score! Inconveniencing hall

    goers everywhere. If I was the one doing this I would have a definite goal in mind including and besides money. Assume for a moment I am the GB. I get congregations to to agree (not that they have a choice) to abandon their halls ( which they have bought and paid and sweated for) . I sell off and make a profit which I use whichever way I choose. A few years later ( say between 5-10 ) I state that Jehovah understands the inconvenience that hall goers are experiencing and because of the unexpected growth in numbers new halls need to be built. Once again the congregations are sent to individual houses for meetings and contribute( read slave,save ,sacrifice ,starve) and start building new halls. ( GB i.e. I offers loans which I exploit insidiously) and guess what! Rince and repeat! Any financial advisor to the GB worth his salt would advice and propagate this formula!

    Hows that for a GB mutual fund plan?!

    Also:Keep in mind they have approx. 8 million members who believe implicitly in what I say even if I’m pulling it out of my ass!

    Also assume that they return close to but not exactly where their old kdumb halls existed.

    This hypothesis is based on the belief of actual believers inside the organization who truly believe that that the RAC was a triumph for Mark Sanderson who was speaking the truth. And that the GB is the mouthpiece for their desert god. Also they’ve stated ( was this in 2009 Or 2010) that 72 more new kdumb halls need to be built around the country most of them in California?) Let us say they harp on that “ prediction”, beamed to their craniums by no less than Jober himself!)

  • LongHairGal


    Somehow I don’t think that will happen again. You forget that the religion is shrinking and has lost many people and the people who contributed the most money are dying off.

    The demographics of the Witness religion is not what it was 30 years ago. Your scenario might work if the demographics are what they used to be AND if the request didn’t come on the heels of them selling off hundreds of halls that people there paid for. This will be too fresh in everyone’s memory. So, I can’t really see everybody falling for that again.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    You are talking about a different group of jws born in. I was born in and just started my 20s. I figured out about 5 years ago that the WT was a bunch of crap, I'm not alone, most of those my age figured out the same thing. I'm still considered a witness yet I haven't contributed anything, not a penny for five years, and don't plan to.

    I seriously doubt that 30 years from now when I hit 50 the WT will even exist. Maybe a little religion like the bible students with about 40 or 50k members. It would be just too embarrassing to be going to a building called a kingdom hall, whether to build or attend, who has been known for predicting that the last days started in 1914, and still building kingdom halls with that idea still alive in the year 2050.

    I know there will always be gullible people, but there will never ever be another 8-10 million gullible people believing their "Watchtower is God's Organization" - bullshit.

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