Take a Time Warp Journey to the 70's and 80's

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  • Xandria

    I remember as a child of 3 and 4 in the 70's Betsy Wetsy, clogs, pom poms for your ponytails, etc.

    What do you remember?

    1. You consider Ocean Pacific a designer label.
    2. You thought the Stray Cats were bringing guitars back to rock 'n' roll.
    3. You thought the lead singer of Poison was hot ... until you realized she was a he.
    4. You still get the shakes when you remember Apple Macintosh's 1984 advertisement.
    5. You preferred Van Hagar to Van Halen.
    6. You thought George Michael was straight.
    7. You had just discovered this great new singer called Tina Turner.
    8. You owned a home Beta video recorder.
    9. The Day After gave you nightmares.
    10. Your favorite G.I. Joe figure was Snake Eyes.
    11. You wondered what Lisa Bonet was doing married to that loser Lenny Kravitz.
    12. You never figured out who the crooks were on Murder She Wrote.
    13. You believed The Last Temptation of Christ was going to send Martin Scorsese to hell.
    14. You regard Look Who's Talking as a turning point in John Travolta's career.
    15. You admired Bill Cosby's taste in sweaters in The Cosby Show.
    16. You didn't realize The Official Preppy Handbook was a gag.
    17. You rolled up the sleeves on your sports jacket for the Sonny Crockett look.
    18. You had no problems thinking members of the Miami police department drove Lamborghinis.
    19. You thought Burt and Loni were a fairytale romance.
    20. You thought Clint Eastwood would one day be president


  • talesin


    -the Partridge Family

    -the Monkees

    -hot pants


    -in high school, construction boots were 'in'

    and most of all ... POLYESTER (remember those knitted Phentex slippers?)


    see reasons 17 & 18 above re Miami Vice - SOOO true it takes me back Xandria, I can hear "Smugglers Blues" playing in my head.

    tks for the chuckle


  • teejay




    platform shoes

    the Commodore 64

    the Bee Gees

    Saturday Night Fever and the disco craze

    Mattel's Intellivision


    swimming all day at Elm Grove Park

    Earth shoes

    the oil embargo when gas prices skyrocketed to .79/gallon.

    Now & Later candy

    hearing the word "environment" for the first time

    Three Mile Island and Love Canal

    Reba Wilkins... the love of my life (or so I thought at the time)

    the Northside Grizzlies

    the Truth book (second only to the bible in the numbers printed) -smile-

  • Brummie

    One group gives me good memories of 79 - 80s


    I liked freaking out to them while wearing bell bottoms and tripping over the hem.

    Brummie (One nation under a groove class)

  • talesin


    I was thinking of 'clackers' but could not for the life of me remember the name. Man, the hours I spent playing with those things.!

    and how did I forget 'PLATFORM SHOES'


    now I'll be hearing that song a-l-l-l day. Ahhh, no one dances anymore ... remember Donna Summer, folk? Longest disco song was ?


  • Prudence


    I just had comment on this one:

    11. You wondered what Lisa Bonet was doing married to that loser Lenny Kravitz

    Ouch! I still love you Lenny, no matter what Bill or anyone else thinks for that matter.


  • teenyuck

    This is it....tonight's the final episode. 1978 & 1979.

    On VH-1, all week, you could see everything about the 70's you wanted to forget. (Like 1975...I was waiting for them to mention the JWs and armageddon, but, they did not, alas.)

    It has been a *trip* down memory lane....Tonight it covers 1978 & 1979. Two of my favorite years.

    Argmageddon did not happen, disco was in full swing (though I had a secret hard rock thing going on) and I could still wear bell bottoms and platforms!

    9 pm EST...

  • Xandria

    Click Clacks, in the 70's they made toys out of dangerous stuff.

    Pop Rocksm do you remember the scare ~ your tummy exploding. If you ate p/r's and drank pepsi.

    Under-roos, pop poms in your pony tails, Simon (the game) Fanatsy Island, Twister, Bestsy Wetsy (I actually had this dolly omg!) Wonder Woman!.. etc. The Wiz..lol Animal House..

    As a child I would wear under-roos and watch my hero Wonder Woman.. Gawd I cannot believe I am sharing this ..

    Yep~ how many here wouldn't mind a lasso of truth ?


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