Anyone from NE Ohio ?

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  • Freeandclear

    Hello all, I'm wondering if there are any ex-borg members in here from the North East Ohio area? Specifically Warren, Youngstown, Niles, and surrounding areas.

    Feel free to private message me if you are still "in" and want to remain anonymous.

    I personally grew up in the Warren Tod Heights Congregation and know a lot of people from this general area, it would be nice to reconnect. I know over the past 25 years of my on again off again association I've seen many many leave or become inactive. I am DF'd and have absolutely no plans to ever associate again due to the overwhelming evidence that this org is NOT being directed by God. I'm 100% convinced of that now. But I would very much be open to any old friends from my former hall or associates.


  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Hi, I'm from Cleveland. I know there are others closer to your area but haven't seen them post lately.
  • jamiebowers
    Hello! I've been out for 28 years and never was a jw while living in Ohio. If you're still in Warren, I'm probably about 10 miles from you in Newton Falls. I'll pm you my contact information.
  • sissyb
    Signed up just to reply to this. (I'm a lurker!) I was born and raised in that congregation but left about 1983. My family's last name is Bartlett. All of us kids left as soon as we could. My parents still believe but are inactive in Virginia. Let me know if you remember us!
  • jeanpicard

    Hey! I'm from Youngstown. Specifically Youngstown West and Youngstown Sign Language. I left about three years ago.

    I live I n Montana these days.

  • olongapo joe
    olongapo joe
    From Piqua ( 30 miles north of Dayton, right on I-75). Now living in the Philippines.
  • 08out
    From painesvile when I left live about 1 hr away in chagrin falls.

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