Would it be correct to equate Faith and belief in any God with superstitious belief ? I believe so.

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  • smiddy3

    Their are millions of peoples all around the world who believe in one God or another Christian and non Christian.

    All of them pray to their Gods for this, that, and the other. By far the majority never hear God answer them audibly ,however most assume he answers their prayers or not , by what transcribes next in their lives.

    You pray for what is right according to God and he answers your prayers ,otherwise your prayers are not answered .

    Those few who who do claim to hear the voice of God audibly are usually found to have mental problems ,either physical or emotional.

    If you do good you will be rewarded either now or in the hereafter , if you do bad you will feel the wrath of god and his judgments.

    I equate this with superstitious beliefs ,what do you think ?

  • Etude

    Sure. The construct is a very simplistic and ancient way to explain what happens in life. For some, the alternative is too hard to bear, knowing we will die and that perhaps our life is for naught. Sometimes it gets complicated and tautological. But that is usually done by thinkers who confuse their need to be spiritual with the insistence that it takes a supreme being to achieve it.

  • Rafe

    I equate this with superstitious beliefs ,what do you think ?

    Belief in gods were a necessary element to socially control people in ancient times

    Non belief in gods in those times was quite minute in comparison to today's human population..

    Fear and respect to those connected directly to these gods was established, such as the high priests of the ancient Hebrews/Israelites.

    So men can create their own imposing empowerment by proclaiming they are connected to powerful supernatural gods, you can see this occurring in the JWS religion.

  • mickbobcat

    I don't buy that the main reason for religion or god was to control people. I think it came in as a by product. God or the idea of any god is by its very nature supernatural and superstitious. There is no proof for any god. Not one whiff of proof. The best anyone can do is to have a circumstantial argument. Irreducible complexity, Argument by design are the main two that have some small bit of weight in an argument. The rest is total BS. I feel this or that is irrelevant. IMO religion was started to explain what ignorant people did not know and or understand. Today many people who believe are lazy and do not want to look into the facts or the science. Its a sad fact but true.

    Even if you do a gimme to the supreme being side and say lets for the sake of the argument say humans were created by a higher entity, what god what entity? Aliens? Allah? Christ? Zoroasterism? Or any number of tribal and lesser known gods, the gods of the Romans? Greeks? Its all BS. Until a god shows up to the world and stops playing a shell BS game and says I did this and I expect this, I say its BS. Its impossible to prove a universal Neg. so I can no more prove god does not exist then someone can prove god does exist.

  • Rafe

    Your correct for most part Mick but one has to accept that human ignorance as being a core element to why the ancients believed in powerful supernatural beings.

    Essentially that gave them answers to what they saw and experienced.

    This facilitated fear and superstitions to promote social behaviors within a given social environment..

    You can see that in every organized religion to varying degrees.

  • Vidqun

    I think a person is quite sophisticated believing in a superior being. Amongst other things, a rule-based religious system controls diet, association and gives life guidance. Complicated prophecies are studied and explained. Whether the religion is based on truth or is a man-made construct is immaterial. It takes a lot of dedication and a level of sophistication to work all this out, whereas believing nothing is quite primitive. A good example is the Afganistan's Taliban. As Westerners we don't like their religious interpretations but they did take on a world power and all its minions and came out victorious in the end. That took some doing.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yes, Smiddy, I agree with you.

    But there must have been some value in religious behaviour, otherwise natural selection would have deleted it.

    It's quite a fascinating topic.

    I wonder if there are any fossilised religious sites, made by early Homo sapiens or other human species?

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    This is not what I believe it's just info to give you an idea of the way things seem to be going.

    Faith is Wifi.

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